How Does a Client's Lifestyle Guide Beauty Advice?

How Does a Client's Lifestyle Guide Beauty Advice?

Delving into the nuanced world of beauty, we've gathered insights from top industry professionals, including an Owner and Cosmetologist and a Plastic Surgeon, on how a client's lifestyle shapes their beauty recommendations. From tailoring hair advice to customizing care for swimmers, explore the diverse perspectives of four experts on personalizing beauty advice.

  • Tailor Hair Advice to Client's Lifestyle
  • Recommend Non-Invasive Treatments for Athletes
  • Simplify Skincare for Busy Budget-Conscious Clients
  • Customize Hair Care for Swimmer's Lifestyle

Tailor Hair Advice to Client's Lifestyle

In the hair salon industry, a client's lifestyle significantly influences the hair advice we provide. During our initial consultation, we ask questions such as these:

How much time do you have for maintenance? The amount of time a client is willing to spend on their hair daily affects the style and products we would recommend.

What is your personal style? The fashion preferences a client has, and their overall personal style, help tailor the hair advice we give that would complement their personal preferences and features.

What are your hair health goals? Understanding the goals a client has for their hair, whether it is growing out their hair, maintaining a certain color, or improving the health of the hair, allows for tailored advice on treatments, style recommendations, and hair care products that help achieve their goals.

What are your hobbies and social life activities? Clients who have hobbies or social activities that impact their hair, such as swimming, outdoor activities, or using hot tools to get ready for social events, will provide vital information to enable us to give advice to ensure protective treatments and hair care products are recommended to minimize damage to their hair.

How often do you style your hair, and what tools and hair care products do you use? Knowing what your client's daily styling routine and the tools and products they use will provide significant information into how well they are caring for their hair at home. This question provides valuable insight to help tailor the advice and recommendations, such as heat protection, conditioning treatments, hair care products, or hair tools the client should be using.

By considering these questions, you can provide personalized advice that suits a client's individual lifestyle.

Kristina Bynum
Kristina BynumOwner and Cosmetologist, Salon Le Volume

Recommend Non-Invasive Treatments for Athletes

Understanding a client's lifestyle is crucial when offering beauty advice, especially in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. One instance that stands out involves a patient who was an avid marathon runner. She came to me for a consultation about facial rejuvenation, concerned about the effects of sun exposure and the natural wear-and-tear from her rigorous training schedule.

Given her active lifestyle, I recommended non-invasive treatments with minimal downtime, such as laser skin resurfacing and a series of chemical peels, which could be easily scheduled around her training and race days. I also emphasized the importance of a robust skincare routine, particularly focusing on sun protection. We discussed high-SPF sunscreens, antioxidant-rich serums, and proper hydration to combat the environmental stress her skin faced.

For her long-term goals, we talked about the potential benefits of a mini-facelift in the future, considering her desire for a more youthful appearance without interrupting her running schedule. By tailoring my advice to fit her lifestyle, we achieved a plan that not only enhanced her beauty but also respected her passion for running.

David Hill, MD
David Hill, MDPlastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery

Simplify Skincare for Busy Budget-Conscious Clients

Understanding a client's lifestyle is important in tailoring beauty advice that's both practical and effective. Here's how I adapted my recommendations for a 30-year-old busy, middle-class woman who could afford only a few skincare basics:

Simplified her routine

Given her busy schedule and budget constraints, I recommended a simple yet effective morning and evening skincare routine. The focus was on three essential steps:

Cleansing: A gentle cleanser suitable for her skin type removes impurities without stripping the skin.

Moisturizing: A hydrating moisturizer to nourish her skin throughout the day.

Sun Protection: Sunscreen of at least SPF 60 daily to protect her skin from harmful UV rays.

Multi-purpose products

To streamline her routine and save time and money, I suggested a multi-purpose product: a tinted moisturizer with SPF that serves as a moisturizer, foundation, and sunblock all in one. This approach simplifies the process and ensures she gets the essential benefits without needing multiple products.

Healthy habits

I emphasized the importance of regular hydration and a balanced diet. Drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient-rich foods, especially vitamin C, contribute significantly to maintaining healthy, aging skin. A hectic lifestyle requires these habits, which help the skin cope with stress and fatigue.

Consistency and Patience

I stressed the importance of consistency and patience. Results from skincare routines take time, and it's important to stick with them even if immediate changes aren't visible. Given her limited time for extensive beauty treatments, being consistent with her basic routine would still produce good results.

Mariyam Abid
Mariyam AbidFounder, The Beautyholic

Customize Hair Care for Swimmer's Lifestyle

Absolutely! A client's lifestyle plays a big role in the beauty advice I offer. Here's how a client's lifestyle influenced my recommendation for the EIGHT.OLD Hair Fortifying Mask:

The Client: A young woman with naturally thick, curly hair came in for a consultation. She complained of dryness and frizz, especially after swimming several times a week for exercise.

Initial Assessment: Chlorine in pool water can be very drying and damaging to hair. Combined with her naturally curly texture, this client's hair needed extra moisture and protection.

EIGHT.OLD Hair Fortifying Mask - Not the First Choice (Initially): While the EIGHT.OLD Hair Fortifying Mask is a great product, it's not necessarily the first one I'd reach for in this situation.

Lifestyle Influence: Knowing she swims frequently, I realized the fortifying aspect of the mask might be overshadowed by the drying effects of chlorine.

Tailored Recommendation: Instead, I suggested a two-pronged approach:

Pre-Swim Protection: I recommended a leave-in conditioner specifically formulated for swimmers. This would create a barrier on the hair shaft, minimizing chlorine absorption.

Post-Swim Deep Conditioning: Here's where the EIGHT.OLD Hair Fortifying Mask comes in! After swimming, I suggested using the mask as a deep conditioner. Its rich, hydrating formula would help replenish moisture lost from chlorine exposure and restore her hair's natural curl pattern.

Explanation & Benefits: I explained that the pre-swim leave-in conditioner would provide immediate protection, while the fortifying mask would offer a deeper level of nourishment after each swim. This combination would address both her dryness concerns and maintain the strength of her hair.

Outcome: The client loved the idea of a targeted approach based on her lifestyle. She tried the recommended products and reported back that her hair felt significantly less dry and frizzy after swimming.

Key Takeaways:

A client's lifestyle habits significantly impact their hair health.

Beauty advice should be personalized based on these factors.

Sometimes, a single product might not be the complete solution; a combination approach can be more effective.

By considering the client's frequent swimming, I was able to recommend a regimen that addressed her specific needs and helped her achieve healthy, beautiful curls.

Shilpa Bhatia
Shilpa BhatiaStrategist, The SGStore

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